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TERASA | Chardonnay 2018

The wine is colored light yellow.

The scent is dominated by fruity notes with a tone of minerality.

Pear, melon and apricot are the aromas that dominate, but which are imbued with discreet aromas of toast, vanilla, nuts and butter.

In the mouth, the wine is extremely harmonious, creamy, full, but also fresh and vibrant.


We recommend it with river fish such as pike, perch, lobster, with dishes and salads with a slightly creamy sauce or dressing.

TERASA | Sovinjon Beli 2019

This is a straw yellow sauvignon.

They are characterized by gas freshness, a harmonious aromatic complex in which the aromas of green tomato, gooseberry, tropical fruit, called, vineyard peach and citrus are clearly recognizable.

The wine is extractive, smooth, with lively but balanced acids with a clean, clear fruity finish.


We recommend it with goat cheese mousse, grilled trout, shopska salad, chicken wings or seafood paste.

KREMEN | Kamen 2016

The wine is a dark ruby color.

The aroma of the wine is extremely layered, deep, complex.

There are aromas of forest soil, fresh tobacco leaves, cedar, eucalyptus, licorice, prunes, black currants, blackberries, black cherries.

On the palate, the wine is strong, extractive, but at the same time elegant and tamed with extremely high-quality tannins.

It is also complex in the mouth with a very intense fruity mineral taste and a very long after impression.


Due to its strength, the wine goes well with the strongest meat, venison, beef tail stew, venison or wild boar meat, beef bourguignon, or hard goat cheese.

KREMEN | Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Kremen Cabernet Sauvignon is a darkening ruby color obtained after 12 months of aging in barrel barrels.

It is characterized by ripe aromas of black currants, blackberries, cherries, cedar with a discreet tone of oak.

The wine is moderately full with a good tannin structure, fruity character and a pleasant finish.


We recommend it with stronger meats such as venison, with medium-roasted beefsteak or hard, aged cheeses.

DUŠICA | Rose 2019

Dušica is a wine of delicate pink color, with equally delicate and discreet aromas of fresh strawberries, currants and raspberries.

In the mouth, this wine is surprisingly full, crunchy, rounded and balanced.

The finish is smooth, clean and long-lasting.

This is a real refreshing rose and we recommend it on hot summer days as an aperitif.



It is an excellent accompaniment to foods such as cold appetizers, planks, grilled vegetables, salads or roasts.

Bagrina | Bukovska 2019

Bagrina is an expression of our Serbian climate that has almost ceased to exist, a variety that is disappearing and wine when it is no more. Bagrina is an old variety that has been brought to the edge of existence in recent years by unjustified neglect. There is still a vine and a vineyard that preserves the spirit of this vine and creates the potential for wine in the future

Tamjanika | Black tamjanika 2019

Black Tamjanika 100%

Sweet, delicious wine, but still fresh, with an acid that goes great with the residual sugar in the wine. The wine is very soft, structured and fruity with a long aftertaste.



Ratluk, urmašice, walnuts, baklava with cherries.

Začinak Bukovski 2017

100% Začinak



The dominant fruity scent of cherries, pomegranate and blueberries. On the palate, the wine is soft, moderately full, fresh and fruity.